College Rules & Regulations

Transitional Period After Joining The College

Through experience it has been established that usually it takes a minimum period of four weeks for a student to get adjusted to his new environment and pattern of life. During this period, it is always advisable that he is not visited by his parents/guardians or relatives, etc, and no contact even on telephone is made. Boys stand on their own feet better and easier if left to themselves. A letter or two every week, however, may help the boy gain self confidence. We have a sanguine hope that the parents/guardians will cooperate with us in this regard in the best interest of their own children.

 College Rules & Regulations

It is essential for every student to abide by the rules and regulations of the college and any violation of rules and regulations will make him liable to expulsion.

College will not be held responsible for any illness, injury, accident, disability or death while the student is on the roll of the college.

A student can be expelled from the college on the following grounds.

a. Stealing, cheating. Wilful and deliberate damage to the college property, using unfair means in the examination, repeated absence without leave, failing examination for two years, violation of college discipline, possession of fire-arms of any form or any kind, subversive activity, smoking, use of narcotics, intoxicants and unauthorized medicine, insolent behavior with the staff, fighting, harassing juniors, immoral offence of any kind whatsoever, grave misconduct outside the college area or any action unbecoming of a student of this institution likely to mar the image or good order of the college or any other offence which in the opinion of the Principal warrants expulsion from the college. In case of a serious offence, a student may be expelled without any prior intimation/warning to his parents.

b. Besides, there are other punishments i.e. caning, extra drill, detention, and fine etc for minor offences. Caning will be administered by the Vice Principal with Principal’s permission.

c. Akram Khan Durrani College Bannu reserves the right of admission. The principal has the authority to refuse admission.

d. Once a student is withdrawn from the college or is struck off the college roll, he shall not be readmitted.
In all such cases, the decision of the Principal is final and will not be challenged in any court of law.


The following rules of discipline are incumbent upon all the students. Serious offences are outlined, and defiance of any rule may result in withdrawal from the college.

  1. Wall crossing and any serious violation of the college system .

  2. Use of abusive language.

  3. Unseemly behavior, immorality and possession of weapons.

  4. Smoking, use of intoxicants and narcotic drugs/ keeping snuff.

  5. Wilful damage to college property.

  6. Use of unfair means in examination.

  7. Membership of any political organization and participation in processions and public meetings.

  8. Rudeness to any member of the college staff.

  9. Absence from classes and Other College activities without a genuine reason.

  10. Lending or borrowing money.

  11. Betting and gambling.

  12. Gross violation of College rules enforced from time to time.

  13. Acts prejudicial to good order and decent behaviour.

  14. Deliberate lawn crossing, late from weekend, violation of sports dress / haircut etc.

General Rules

The Principal and the staff are accessible at any time for consideration of grievances and difficulties of the students and the parents/guardians.
The Principal has full authority to fine, punish or ask any student to leave the College if at any time he feels that his stay in the College is not in his interest or that of the institution.
Students are not allowed to keep with them any item of clothing other than those specified in the prescribed outfit. Likewise, they are not allowed to keep prohibited items such as electronic gadgets, toys, valuable watches, etc.
Only authorized visitors are allowed to see the boys. Changes, if any, should be communicated to the College in writing.
Parents/guardians are not allowed to contact any student or a teacher without prior permission of the Principal or the Vice Principal.
While every precaution is taken for the security and protection of each student, the College shall not be (held) responsible for a boy who leaves the College without permission from the Principal.

Leave Rules

A written application should be sent to the Principal by the student or his parents.
Sick leave will be sanctioned only on the production of a medical certificate from authorised Govt hospital.
Any kind of leave other than sick leave exceeding ONE day shall be granted when the application is attested by the parents

 Following punishments/fine will be imposed:-

  1. Absence from one class Rs. 100/-

  2. Absence without leave Rs. 500/-

  3. Coming Late from Weekend Rs.500/-(1st Day)

  4. Absence from monthly test Rs. 100/- (Per Subject)

  5. Absence from terminal exam Rs. 500/-(Per Subject)

  6. Improper hair cut Rs. 100/- Daily

  7. Improper dress for Masjid & Mess Rs.100/- daily

  8. Improper Uniform Rs. 100/- Daily

  9. Student without Tie/Badge Rs. 50/- daily

Fees Rules

a)  The fees are payable in advance in four equal installments, in early September, December ,March and June.
b)  Fees once paid are not refundable and the manner of their spending is not accounted for to the parents.
c)  The security deposit may be withdrawn after three months of issuing of School Leaving Certificate. Otherwise, the security deposit will be with drawn at the beginning of next academic year of the college. Any amount outstanding of the College will be deducted before such a withdrawal is allowed.
d)  Fee etc are subject to change as and when required.
e)  The Fee, in case of day scholars, must be paid before the 10th of each month. Otherwise a fine of Rs.5/- per day will be charged up to the end of the month, after which the pupil’s name will be struck off the roll. Re-Admission will be at the discretion of the Principal on payment of full admission fee and other outstanding dues, if any.
f)  A transfer certificate will not be issued until all the dues have been paid up to date.
g) No pupil, particularly a boarder, is allowed to sit for any public Examination or the College Annual Examination unless all outstanding dues have been paid.
h)  In case of prolonged absence, on account of illness, exceeding one month, the Principal may, at his discretion, allow concession of food charge, only to the boarder, for the period of continued absence.
i)  Full fee will be charged from a new entrant for the quarter during which he joins the College. Similarly, in the quarter in which he is withdrawn. A student who has not attended any recognized school shall pay full tuition fee from the beginning of the academic year.
j)  The amount of fee may be remitted to the College through a bank deposit slip drawn on National Bank of Pakistan township Bannu.
k)  50% Fee concession in tuition fee has been allowed by the BOG to the children of Faculty / Staff and 60% fee concession to Class Four employees.
l)  While remitting the dues, the name, class and account number of the student should be stated in the deposit slip. It facilitates quick acknowledgment.